How to open a beauty salon

Opening a beauty salon is profitable, realizing that this is a business that requires attention, and not entertainment and easy money. Having opened a beauty salon, you will not be able to limit yourself to serving yourself and your friends and taking money out of the cash register every day.

After the quarantine, only those beauty salons that will open as modern enterprises, and not as a hobby or “for status”, have a chance of success.

This article is about the profit that beauty salons give, what you need to know when opening a beauty salon and is designed to help you navigate the market, find your niche, understand how much it costs to open a beauty salon and decide for yourself whether it is worth the candle. As it usually happens: at the beginning of the path, the prospects seem tempting, and the difficulties are insignificant. It will not be possible to avoid mistakes – you will definitely fill your set of cones. And to figure out how to open a beauty salon, hairdresser or manicure salon from scratch, what stages to go through, I will now tell you. Are you wondering where to get quality salon products? Study here.

Salon business: reality and misconceptions

At the same time, it is both reality and delusion to blindly follow the widespread opinion in the market that “the client follows the master.” In other words, you can continue to think so and then the question of whether it is profitable to open a beauty salon becomes rhetorical for the first time. One of the major risks to watch out for is the huge black market for homeworkers that you will have to deal with all the time. And work side by side.

Then the agony of creativity begins around the question: “What is more important – a business model or a premise?” On the one hand, the business model is important, on the other hand, very few people understand what it is, and realities sometimes force them to act the other way around. It is becoming more and more difficult to rent a suitable room, and redevelopment, showcases, communications, etc. of your premises for a specific concept can be very expensive.

But precisely because the cost of a mistake is high, the business model of your beauty salon, cosmetology center or spa is immeasurably more important than having a “suitable” room right now.

The effectiveness of a beauty salon concept is directly related to your business sense, the ability to analyze the current situation in the professional salon services market, notice changes in consumer behavior, knowledge of marketing and the basics of business planning. And besides this – self-confidence, readiness to change and overcome difficulties. You will be convinced that these are not common words very soon after opening the salon.

Expensive or cheap? If you, like many investors, dream of opening a beauty salon in the “elite” segment, remember that if 3-4 years ago wealthy women did not have time to go around all super-expensive establishments in a year to keep abreast of current events, now only a few of such salons can boast of a full load. At the same time, in cities with a population of over one million, the salons positioning themselves as “elites” still work. Many of them are 10 or more years old. In many ways, they are morally and functionally outdated. To date, opening an elite beauty salon or spa is more likely to amuse self-esteem and emphasize your social status than to earn money. Whether it is profitable to open such a beauty salon is a rhetorical question for the second time. But of course you can try.

Copy concept of another beauty salon. No need to copy someone else’s beauty business. Firstly, it is not a fact that you will be able to understand what makes the salon flourish. It only at first glance seems that any beauty salon is in full view – look and see.

Secondly, the one who has found a topic in demand by the market and has managed to present it more tasty, more understandable, show the difference from other salons, with a large number of marketing and advertising activities, and so on, always has a competitive advantage. Thirdly, it is always more difficult to enter a busy market – even more so to the local market. It is not so much difficult to open a beauty salon from scratch technically as it is difficult, but it is insanely interesting to make it competitive.

“We need a master with a client base.” Many investors hope to lure masters from other salons or invite familiar masters to their place. You will save yourself both your nerves and money if you just take my word for it – it is not profitable. I know that when opening a beauty salon it is difficult to believe that this flywheel will hit you over time.

On the one hand, the payroll fund will be unjustifiably inflated, on the other hand, it will not be possible to build an optimal personnel management system, and on the third, you will earn a bad reputation among colleagues with whom you may have to cooperate.

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