Narara Marine National Park – Jamnagar, India

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Narara island is located in the Gulf of Kutch in Vadinar, it is 60 kilometers from the Jamnagar city in the State of Gujarat Western coast of India. It is a part of Marine National Park Jamnagar.

You can see Crabs, Jellyfish, Star fish, Corals, Octopus, Puffer fish and other Marine life here. Narara is also rich in avian life. Ibis, pelicans, flamingos, etc. are easily seen there. You can also find lots of birds here.

During Low tides, the water goes into the sea and a land till around 2-3 kilometers from Vadinar port becomes visible. You have to walk all the way to the end of this land. Marine life that’s unable to go along with the water is traced by the guides and is displayed to the visitors.
We have visited Narara island on march 1, 2015 at 2:30PM Water level around 2-3 feet We were 2 kms into the sea from the port within 2.5 hours. It was an awesome experience for us.

Ideal time to visit this place is during the winters and during low tide is essential.
You should Avoid slippers or sports shoes while walking.
You must take a proper permission from the office of the Forest Department. Check timings of low tide and high tides in the area either by calling at the office or through the internet because you can only visit there during low tide.


Do not touch any aquatic plant or animal before asking your guide. Be careful that some of jelly fishes can be very dangerous.
Get a car with high ground clearance. Roads to Narara is quite bumpy.Keep this Place Absolutely Clean. Do not Litter Anything. Leave no Trace and follow the instructions.

How to reach Narara:
Narara is 60 kms away from jamnagar After 30-40 minutes drive you will have arrived at Starting point for Narara island.

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