How App Design Plays a Role in Mobile Marketing

How App Design Plays a Role in Mobile Marketing

Author: Regina Thomas


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Mobile marketing has seen tremendous growth in the last decade, thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices worldwide. According to the GSMA, 5.23 billion people own a mobile device, which is over 65% of the world’s population. Out of those, 3.8 billion people own smartphones, according to Statistica.
As such mobile marketing is enormous, and every business with an app wants to take a share of the pie. With millions of applications globally across the App Store and Google Play Store, it can be hard to stand out unless you do everything right starting from the very basics, designing your application well, and then in marketing.
That’s where the user interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design has a role to play. As much as you’re doing your mobile marketing strategies well, a poor UI/UX design might make it hard to succeed because design plays a significant role in mobile marketing. Here’s how to design an app that can boost your mobile marketing efforts.

1. It Enhances Customer Satisfaction

A great UI/UX design helps satisfy your customers because it will give them an easy time navigating the app to find whatever information they seek. No matter the services offered by your mobile app, if the UX/UI design doesn’t provide users with a smooth and easy-to-use experience, they won’t stay around for too long. Enhanced customer satisfaction also means they could easily recommend your app to their colleagues, friends, and family, which in turn leads to increase return on investment.

2. It Captivates Users

Once a user downloads and installs a mobile app, they will open the app to check the design and user interface. An easy-to-use and smooth navigation experience are what will keep them around for long and not uninstalling the app immediately.
No matter how optimized your mobile marketing campaigns are, users won’t stay around for too long if the app’s UI/UX design isn’t excellent. But once users are hooked to your app’s design, they will even be more than willing to share ideas on the new features they think should be included in a future update.

3. It Boosts Your Brand’s Image

Mobile marketing is terrific, but it’s a two-edged sword if you miss out on the very basics of application development like the design. Even if you market your app with a poor design, you might get some download numbers, yes, but customers won’t stay around for too long, and that’ll destroy your brand’s image.
The next time someone comes across your app, they won’t look at it twice because there are thousands of alternatives out there. And with many no-code platforms on the internet, how to build a mobile app is not an issue. With an excellent design, customers will be satisfied, and as a result, it will boost your image as a brand.

4. Get Featured in Top Apps

Great design will not just build your brand, but it also eases your mobile marketing efforts. Every year, both Apple and Google release a list of top mobile apps released in the past 12 months.
Apps that win usually have one thing in common, a great UI/UX design. When your app’s design is excellent, and the users love it, you can be featured on the year’s top apps. That will give your app more public impressions, leading to more downloads.
This could help crank up your mobile marketing efforts. A good example is Ablo, which was launched in January last year. After being featured on the 2019 list of top apps, it now boasts over 10 million downloads, which not many apps make it to this point after such a period of time. This highlights how important great design is to the success of an application.

5. Leads to Great ROI

A mobile app with good design will lead to all the benefits highlighted above. From high retention numbers, boosting your brand image, and being featured in top apps. Ultimately all of these advantages lead to one thing for you and your business, a great ROI. Besides, excellent app design will also save you time and money in your development process in the long haul.


Mobile users fancy apps that give them a comfortable experience to use the included features. You’ll barely find a top application with bad UI/UX design, which points out the importance of creating apps that are engaging and easier to use. In your app development journey, pay much attention to the design. It’s capable of making or breaking your mobile marketing efforts’ success.

Author: Regina Thomas

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