What are some good puzzles to add to an escape room for kids?

What are some good puzzles to add to an escape room for kids?


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Here are some good puzzles to add in escape rooms for kids –

  • 5 letter lock box – Arrange a set of puzzles and letters that should be on a mid-level to crack for in a five letter lockbox and hide the keys somewhere in the room, This is a good mental activity for the kids.
  • Hiding an object – Hide a small object in the room that could act as a prop and engage in a fun experience altogether as kids have to figure out the prop’s purpose in the game.
  • Missing handle – Sometimes hiding the door handle is also fun and engaging at the same time, Kids have to find the missing handle to proceed ahead in the game.
  • Jigsaw puzzle – Jigsaw puzzles are a set of unique collection-based gadgets that are lying on the floor and scatter other pieces behind doors or secret passage, so one has to complete the whole set to find their next clue.
  • A cup of Dice – Write one alphabet on one side and write the code so that the rest can be figured out using a set of dice pieces with an inclusive board game that acts like a puzzle.
  • Stacking blocks – Use these blocks for conveying some important messages, kids love building blocks, so hide one piece that is the final one and ask the kids to find the rest.
  • Popsicles and math problems – Use crosswords and sudoku-based puzzles for math and integration as kids love solving these types of puzzles, use popsicles for eg write the word clue and hide the answer in the room, but make sure you write the opposite in the popsicle like luec.
  • Padlock – Keep a certain message in the padlock or the box with a set of keys and puzzles that are interesting and immersive for the kids.
  • Missing pictures – Hide clues behind missing pictures that lead to the next stage of the game and ask the kids to find it.

These are some puzzle-based ideas for an escape game for kids.

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