The answer is, yes! Escape The Room is great for couples who are looking to do something exciting and new. My boyfriend and I used to play Escape games as a couple all the time, we think that it is a great date night activity. But you will have to choose the game carefully because most of them require teamwork like- you will need to be exactly the number of players required to solve the puzzles and clues for the game.

An escape room is a 60-minute real-life adventure game. You and your team will assemble in a themed room and will have one hour to complete your mission and “escape” the room. A successful escape will require you to find hidden clues and solve challenging puzzles throughout the room. Escape rooms are perfect for family vacations, corporate team-building, or just having fun with your friends and also amazing experiences to share with people, as you work together to discover clues to get out of an escape room, crack puzzles, and accomplish your ultimate goal.

Escape rooms are normally a team event and successfully beating an escape room clock is about group work. It is a great group activity for friends and families but is also a great way for couples to have a great night alone or with a group of another couple. It is possible for a couple to do, but there are some factors which do not allow you to do as it will cost two times more than if you were in a group. It is much easier to solve difficult puzzles in a large group than in a couple and there can be puzzles that just can not be solved by two people. Of course, there can be ways out of this situation, but it is better just to do it as it should be done. Escape room companies often state on their website that it requires a certain team size to book a private room. Sometimes in an Escape Room, it requires players more than 2 to play the game as the room size is big. Some Escape Rooms are large in terms of square footage and possess lots of puzzles to solve. Those games typically need six or more players, and it is almost impossible for a couple to play alone. No matter how skilled the couple is, there are simply not enough hands on deck.

To conclude, the Escape room can be played as a couple too but it will be a bit difficult for two since they are normally designed to be played as a group and it will cost two times more than if you were in a group. So, the choice is up to you.

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