Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

How much home loan can I get on 40,000 salary? As per above calculator, If your Salary is 40,000, You can pay EMI of 18000 monthly. If the interest rate is 9.5% you can get the following amounts of home loan Tenure Amount 10 years 1,391,062 15 years 1,723,767 20 years 1,931,059 25 years 2,060,212 … Read more

Sip Calculator

SIP Calculator

Lumpsum Calculator What is sip calculator SIP calculator is a simple tool that allows you to get an idea based on an estimated rate of return on your mutual fund investments made through Systematic Investment Plan Calculator (SIP). How sip calculator works SIP calculator takes into account several factors such as the monthly investment amount, … Read more

How to Choose a Bank for Small Business

How to Choose a Bank for Small Business

The Benefits of Working with a Local Bank for Small Business Banking Needs Small business owners have a variety of banking options available to them, but working with a local bank can provide a number of unique benefits. Local banks are often more invested in the success of their customers, and they can provide personalized … Read more

What Things Make You Fail in Background Check?


If you are thinking of failing the background check, you are not alone. This is a common question among job seekers and there is a number of answers. Below is a breakdown of the ways you can fail, as well as tips for Background Check making certain you pass. How To Fail a Background Check … Read more