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NephroMed MEWA Dialysis Centre
Business Description:

NephroMed MEWA Dialysis Center in Mombasa is proud to serve our clients with cutting edge dialysis services, top-notch professionals and a comfortable environment within the MEWA Hospital, on Mwambundu Road, Majengo, Mombasa. Our Dialysis Centre is equipped with the most latest Dialysis (Hemodialysis) Machines. Request Free Quote Now!

Alternative Medicine, Herbs and Food Supplements Suppliers
Business Description:

“When it comes to our health we always prefer research-proven treatments and drugs that really work, but Sometimes, alongside these scientific possibilities, the alternative medicine world has quite a few things to offer – relief from chronic pain, support for cancer patients, Balm for the soul in cases of anxiety, depression and herbs for dealing with various health difficulties.”

SOLIAIR™ is a company that specializes in alternative medicine and natural drug development which is privately owned. Its owners have developed various complected mixtures of extracts plants showing promise and positive healing results in treating a lot of illnesses, diseases and medical symptoms such as: asthma, bronchitis, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), seasonal influenza, pneumonia, allergies and other respiratory infections. As well as healing urinary tract infections (UTI) such as: bladder infection, kidney infections, urinary stones, hematuria, recurrent infection, women’s diseases, late menstruation, sexually transmitted diseases, allergies, skin diseases, vascular diseases, depression and various mental illnesses!

The SOLIAIR™ Company markets and sells natural medicine, dietary supplements and herbal extracts that where developed as private label products. The company’s mission is to provide the best alternative and natural treatments as food supplements Through advanced advertising and distribution services that effectively and reliably reduce the cost for retailers And consumers alike. Its products includes the best ingredients such as: ginseng, ginkgo biloba and various antioxidants from the best and highest quality available in the market today! The SOLIAIR™ food supplements are free of side effects and has no interaction with any conventional medication that have been used. The SOLIAIR™ food supplements are patented and regularly been used by doctors,
pharmacists and patients from Israel and around the world! – Please contact us for a professional advice and medical treatment!

Best Regards,
Solomon J.
(Naturopath/Alternative Therapist)

Business Name: Meddco
Business Description:

Finding a good doctor and treatment at a reasonable rate is always a major task. It is almost impossible to know the details of the fees charged, which puts the patients in great trouble. But now, this will be the passé as patients will be able to compare the prices of different health care services and choose the best suitable one. MEDDCO.COM is India’s first digital pricing online platform, where price transparency is the key. At Meddco we provide a platform for a healthcare provider to promote their healthcare services with dynamic pricing, online doctor’s OPD appointment system and health camp promotions.

UNS – United Nursing Services
Business Description:

United Nursing Services has been providing compassionate and professional home healthcare services to clients since 1986. Locally owned, United Nursing Services is a dually licensed, Home Healthcare and Medicare-certified agency.

772 Implant
Business Name: 772 Implant
Business Description:

We are the premier provider of dental implant services in stuart, Florida. Our speciality services include affordable dental implant teeth, laser gum treatment and advanced dentistry.

Mane Center for Advanced Hair Restoration
Business Description:

Mane Center for Advanced Hair Restoration specializes in offering a variety of superior hair restoration and preventative hair loss treatments. We evaluate the unique circumstances of your hair loss and recommend the best hair growth treatment plan. Our team of specialists is committed to excellence and helps patients achieve fuller and thicker-looking hair. We offer hair loss patients with multiple advanced, effective surgical procedures like FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), and HARRTS (Human Assisted Rapid Robotic Hair Transplant System), along with non-surgical procedures such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy to enhance hair growth and Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP), medical therapies, Micropoint and hair systems to supplement growth.

GoSan Hand Sanitizer
Business Name: GoSan Hand Sanitizer
Business Description:

GoSan is an Indian-made sanitizer product and with its quality and speciality of protecting against germs and bacteria in COVID-19 pandemic. The product is anti-bacterial and offers protection against 99.9% of the germs, that’s the highest affectivity a sanitizer can offer. A Hand Sanitizer Sachet can give us protection of up to 3 to 4 hours. Though it contains alcohol in its formula but that’s the ingredient that works to keep us safe and germ-free. It is formulated with natural oils and moisturizers that’s why GoSan is 100% skin friendly and safe for children. It has a non-sticky formula which makes it easy to use anywhere and best while traveling.

Well Aliments
Business Name: Well Aliments
Business Description:

WELL ALIMENTS LLC, combines health-conscious investors, medical professionals, industry gurus, and dedicated staff, who share the same perspectives of what it takes to be in great health, and they also share the principles that a healthy body with a competent immune system, is able to build a robust shield against many chronic diseases and cancer.

shoulder and knee clinic
Business Description:

Welcome to Shoulder and Knee Clinic – Central India’s First Robotic Knee Replacement Center and one of the best orthopaedic hospitals in Nagpur! Our Clinic offers you a one-stop solution to all your problems related to Shoulder, Knee and Hip joint. Dr.Mukesh Laddha is considered as the best Orthopaedic doctor in Nagpur. He is an exceptionally qualified and experienced Orthopaedic Doctor who is known for his flawless skills in performing Robotic Knee Replacement, Conventional Knee replacement, Hip Replacement, Shoulder Replacement, Arthroscopy of Shoulder, Elbow, Knee and Hip joint. He has got a special interest in the field of sports medicine too. Till date, he has performed more than 3,000 major surgeries. Most of the ortho patients have pain in the major joints of the body; it may be due to degenerative age changes or may be due to trauma. The pain can be managed by pain killers and proper exercises/physiotherapy. Some patients may need an MRI/CT Scan for further evaluation.

Smiles on Hickman
Business Name: Smiles on Hickman
Business Description:

Smiles on Hickman is a trusted dental clinic providing top-notch dental care services throughout Des Moines, Iowa. We have been providing affordable, safe, and patient-convenient dental care services for more than 42 years. Our team assures faster and painless dental treatment with successful outcomes through simple dental procedures and advanced surgical tools. We specialize in sedation dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, denture implants, dental implants, oral surgery, restorative surgery, and more. Our dental services are customized to match your specific dental needs and budget.