How to Become a Profitable Amazon Seller in 2022


Amazon is a fantastic platform where you earn tons of cash. There are several opportunities in store for you at the biggest departmental store in the world. However, many retail companies offer you a space to sell your products online. The list includes eBay, Etsy, AliExpress, Walmart, Home Depot, Shopify, and whatnot. But what Amazon offers is entirely out of this world. It provides infinite gateways to try your luck!

The A-to-Z showroom has been thriving over the years with countless businesses and brands. So much so that the eminent American multinational collected a staggering $3.86 billion in returns. It would be best to try your luck here since there are countless prospects you can benefit from. You can also look for the best Amazon consultants around the neighborhood or find one online. Remember, you will require expertise during your money-spinning ventures because anything could happen in due course. But if you have ample Amazon know-how in your backpack, stretch up and take a deep breath. Here we go!

1 – Sell private label products on Amazon

You can become a private labeler on Amazon. There is no first and the best way except that you tag third-party products on Amazon. Private label sales are acquired through Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment-by-Amazon) network. If you don’t know what private labeling stands for, don’t you worry. Let us explain it to you guys! It is the process of manufacturing conventional (existing) items with improvements. You tag these products with your brand name and put them on the shelves. Best examples in this regard include Walmart’s Great Value and Target’s Mainstays, among many others. Besides, it’s an excellent bargain of an idea for those looking to hire Amazon store setup services online.

2 – Publish ebooks on Kindle Direct Publishing

Fast, easy, and convenient. Write and act as you will. Over the years, Amazon has brought bookselling back to life through its KDP platform. Now you can publish your manuscripts on the web using Amazon’s affiliate eBook platform. Consequently, Kindle Direct Publishing has become the biggest sensation for authors looking to promote their books on the internet. You can also print your book copies by using CreateSpace. Writing your book or putting words for others is excellent to earn a considerable amount of passive income. You can make up to $40,000 per month if you’re a professional writer. From there, you can expand your reach as a writer on other platforms. Thus, increase your money-spinning expeditions online.

3 – Become an Amazon wholesaler

Comparable to private label business, wholesaling involves buying bulks of products and merchandise to sell on Amazon. You’re required to go through the FBA network program to become a wholesaler in the most prominent online marketplace. The main difference between private labeling is that you sell other brands’ products. It means that you don’t have to worry about manufacturing, packaging, and strict QC standards. You can earn up to $4000 to $6000 per month. It’s no surprise that around 65% of Amazon wholesalers make $5000 on average.

4 – Do drop shipping for Amazon

One of the easiest ways to endless lands full of stashes of cash is to start delivering products on Amazon. We all know that Amazon has its delivery service, but it still accepts private drivers in its fleet. How great is that, right?! The multinational will have no problem starting your monthly salary from $10,000 if you’re an experienced driver. It’s like driving a taxi for Amazon to fulfill their shipping requirements. As per Flex’s homepage, you can earn up to $18 to $25 per hour with a 5-hour shift drive. Good enough to make a decent income, right!

5 – Write blogs

You can easily bag in some commission through your writings. Start affiliate writing by creating blogs on different products and services sold on Amazon. Here is an article about choosing the right focus keyword for your articles. The best way is to write a lifestyle or a dieting blog and drop a few links into it. Also, you can publish life hacks, how-to blogs, recipes, and other relatable write-ups online to earn commissions from Amazon sellers. All you need to do is link their products in your writings cleverly. The total conversion rate for commissions is up to 3% to 5%. And from there, it goes up depending upon the volume of post shares. Sadly, the downside of it is that either you have to be a famous Amazon influencer or a person with a stroke of million-dollar luck. Good luck!

6 – Pick products from thrift stores to sell on Amazon

You cannot go wrong with this idea. All you have to do is pick up products from thrift stores, weekly yard sales, and downtown marketplaces. There are tons of knick-knacks, keepsakes, and used products for sale at incredibly affordable prices. The stock is at an all-time high, and the tables are full. You can buy lots of things ranging from clothes, shoes, gift pieces, souvenirs, glassware, electronics, kitchenware, etc

7 – Buy from eBay and sell on Amazon (online arbitrage)

Retail arbitrage (B2B) isn’t something you can consider if you don’t have extra time on the dial. However, doing it online can considerably lower the time expense and save it enough for your leisure runs and sprints. Online arbitrage is buying products from other ecommerce stores and throwing them back on Amazon. In this way, you can earn up to $800 to $1200 per month. But it can go up to a whopping $3000 if you’re lucky enough. However, most of those who do this business on Amazon earn not more than $500 on average.

8 – Become a remote Amazon representative

Amazon is growing with leaps and bounds. Not only could you buy countless products from here, but you could even get hired if you got the skills. Now it has become the biggest employer in the world, especially after acquiring Whole Foods in 2017. Currently, Amazon has around 650,000 employees across the globe.

You can become an Amazon representative and work from home. Besides, you will find data entry jobs and customer service-related positions if you search for Amazon jobs on the internet. Here the workload is enormous, yet the company spreads it affably across all its employees. Surprisingly, you can earn up to $45000 to $ 55000 per month by becoming an Amazon representative.


Amazon is a vast marketplace where numerous opportunities come and go. There is no stopping when it comes to your seriousness to earn money. You can put your merch like shirts, caps, graphic prints, showpieces, and whatnot to make profits. Further, you can exhibit your deft skillset by selling DIY arts & crafts on Amazon as well. You can also join trade-in programs, share your Amazon services through vendors, or even get a job at an Amazon Fulfillment center.

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