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Welcome to the Listimet, the directory of Businesses. It helps you find Businesses from around the world. If you are a Business owner and want to promote your business, you are on the right place. List your Business for more exposure and increase visibility of your business on the internet. Listimet helping build awareness about your business. The best way to increase interest in your business is to promote on the Internet. Read more

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Listimet is a World Wide Local Business Directory, You can search businesses such as Retail Business, Wholesale Business, Construction business, Clothing, Cosmetics, Sewing and fabrics, Coffee Shops, Hotels, Restaurants, Gifts and flowers business, Health and personal care, Home and garden, Grocery Stores, Jewelery Shops, Pet shops, Real Estate and Property Business, Travel & Tourism, Vehicle sales & service, etc.

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Listimet Business Listing provides details such as business address, images, contact, and other details so you can easily find the any business across the World. Listimet provides Business listings from major contries like USA, UK, India, Australia, China, Canada, Singapore, UAE we also cover many other contries across the World.

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Listimet is one of the best Free Business Listing Sites. If you run any kind of business, Listimet is the best place for you to promote your business for FREE.

List your Business here for free for more exposure and increase the visibility of your business on the internet. it helps you build awareness about your store/service. The best way to increase interest in your business is to promote on the Internet.

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It's Free: Yes, It's absolutely free, you don't need to pay anything to list your business here.

Lot of people search online: Wouldn’t you like your business to show up in their search? That’s why list your business on Listimet.

Finally, Do it as it’s easy and free. Add True and accurate information as much as Possible, Categorize your Business by selecting a proper category, Describe Your Business very well.

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Sama Shop

Sama Shop is an online mobiles accessories store where you can buy quality product at affordable prices, we sell mobiles Covers, Cases, Screen Guard, Power bank, Handsfree, & wholesale mobile accessories.


Sama Non-veg Hotel Tankara

Sama Non-veg hotel located on Rajkot – Morbi highway, near to Tol Village Road. We offer delicious non-veg dishes of chicken, eggs, mutton and fish.

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